The main aim of each teambuilding session or event is to unite the team, boost the team spirit, encourage collaboration. And what do you need for that? A place where people meet face-to-face without technological devices that take us away from the real world, without modern conveniences which guarantee comfort. Suddenly, team members have to start talking, look at each other. One discovers and learns much more than they would expect.

Take your team to Magurka and let them spend a great time by communicating and doing various things together. Make a hiking trip, play games, have a nice evening at a fire with guitar music.

Teambuilding cab be organised all year round.

The chalet accommodation capacity is 54 beds including extra beds.

Chalet amenities:

A restaurant and a dining hall, a common room with a TV that can serve for meetings for about 25 people, WiFi Internet connection, a fire pit, a gazebo, a kid’s playground, parlour games, grass areas.

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