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It highlighted the view of Salatin – building of the photo point

Dear friends, Magurka has another attraction in the theme of mining.

We have prepared for you an unusual, wooden photo point. Is it the entrance to a mining tunnel or into a lovely country with a view of Salatin in Low Tatras?

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At the same time, the rocks, which are a part of Magurka’s golden trail have a new guardian.

Permonik of Magurka came to check on them and somehow he has stayed with the rock on the green meadow.
Come and see for yourself :).

The proposal was prepared by cottager Mirka with her colleague Paulina. The inspiration was, of course, from a mining theme.

Why the headline ,,Zdar boh”? It Is traditional greeting of the miners, which have been used in Slovakia.

Stop by and take a unique memory home with you.

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Interesting facts

  • It is made of poplar, the headline is of mulberry. Permonik next to the rocks is carved from oak.
  • Photopoint is made from 10 parts altogether and it weights 1,5tons.
  • Metal construction is supporting it, in combination with wood it makes it all more stable, durable, and safe.
  • The craftsmen were working on it for two weeks.

Photogallery from the process of building