Meeting people today is not as simple as it might seem. Although we walk past
each other or spend time in the same room, we are not together in reality.
Communication and closeness are missing because of haste, stress and last
but not least modern technologies.

Stop checking your mobile phone for a while and be with your family, old friends
again or with yourself in the silence and harmony of untouched nature. Relax and
experience the simplicity of being in the present moment with us. Magurka does not
offer an eventful programme but promises silence, absolute peace, long walks in
nature along tried and tested trails, beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Kids
can frolic to the fullest on our playground on a meadow in front of our chalet while
you spend a cosy evening at a fire or take a hot bath in our wooden tub under a
starry sky.

Enjoy an unforgettable family holiday with us or organise a trip with your former
school friends, your yoga group or other acquaintances. Our peaceful location
guarantees the best conditions for various themed workshops. The meadow at our
chalet is ideal for group exercises, dancing or meditating. There are also perfect
spots for painting in the open air in the neighbourhood.

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