The Magurka chalet offers 50 beds including extra beds. There are guest house-standard rooms with ensuite toilets and bathrooms in the attic area and tourist-standard rooms with bunk beds and shared sanitary facilities located on the ground floor. Rooms on the ground floor are wheelchair-friendly, which means we will be happy to welcome disabled guests as well. Wood flooring and panelling makes our simple and practical rooms very cosy.


Absolute tourist-chalet comfort

Standard rooms offer high accommodation comfort. They feature single and double beds, bedside tables, lamps, hangers, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Each room has an ensuite sanitary facility and there are towels for all guests.

Types of rooms with ensuite bathrooms and toilets:


Cleanliness and high comfort for tourists

Our tourist-standard rooms are minimalist but offer absolute comfort for tourists. They feature bunk beds and single beds as well as towels for all guests. Shared sanitary facilities are in the corridor. There are 17 beds and two extra beds of this accommodation category.

Types of tourist rooms on the ground floor (with shared sanitary facilities):

Sanitary facilities

Guests staying in tourist-standard rooms can use shared sanitary facilities – toilets and showers located close to the rooms on the same floor. The facilities are clean and modern, meeting the highest hygiene standards.


PLEASE NOTE that our chalet is located in the bosom of nature embraced by mountains so we can sometimes have troubles with the phone signal. If you don’t get through to us because of a weak signal, please send us an email, a text message or a message through WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger.