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Accommodation rules

Accommodation details and terms

1. Only guests that are checked in properly can stay at the chalet. When checking in, every client has to show their identification card, passport or another identification document to the respective member of the reception staff in accordance with Act No. 135/82 Coll. on Reporting and Registration of Citizens as subsequently amended and in accordance with Act No. 428/2008 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data as subsequently amended.

2. Every guest can check in based on their booking from 14:00. The ordered room(s) shall be booked until 14:00 unless otherwise arranged with the operator. If any guest does not contact the chalet until 18:00, the respective room(s) can be used by the chalet operator for other clients unless otherwise arranged with the guest(s). If any guest has paid a deposit, the operator is obliged to hold the reservation until 19:00. If any guest does not arrive at the chalet until 19:00 on the scheduled arrival day, the operator is not obliged to pay the deposit back to the client and can act based on the cancellation policy. 

3. All guests are obliged to respect quiet hours from 22:00 to 6:00.

4. The accommodation establishment shall provide services to clients as arranged before. Every guest must pay for accommodation and other related extra services based on the valid price list usually when checking in. This does not affect the payment terms based on accommodation agreements.

5. Every guest must check out of their room until 10:00 and vacate it unless otherwise arranged in advance. If any guest does not leave their room until 11:00, they can be charged for one more day unless otherwise arranged in advance. Rooms are considered to be vacated when all guests’ items and belongings are taken out, the keys are handed in to the chalet staff and the reception is informed about the check-out.

6. The accommodation establishment is entitled to require a booking deposit in the amount of 50% – 100% of the accommodation price. Every booking becomes binding once the respective deposit is credited to the bank account of the operator.

7. The accommodation establishment is entitled to charge the cancellation fees below if any guest cancels their reservation in writing, by email or by fax: 14 and more days prior to arrival – no cancellation fee, 14-7 days prior to arrival – 50% of the accommodation price, 7-0 days prior to arrival – 100% of the accommodation price. If any guest does not arrive at the chalet on the scheduled arrival day or decides to cancel their reservation for any reason or wants to stay for a shorter period, the cancellation fee is 100% of the accommodation price.

Liability of the accommodation establishment and guests 

1. The accommodation establishment is not liable for belongings, money and valuables of guests staying at the chalet if these are left unattended.

2. Every guest is liable for damage caused to the accommodation establishment property in accordance with applicable legislation. Every guest is liable for damage caused by underage guests that they are responsible for as well as for damage caused by individuals who come to the chalet to visit the respective guest.

3. Every guest is obliged to avoid any damage to health, property and the environment. Every room door shall be locked for safety reasons. Before opening the room door to strangers, every guest shall check why the respective stranger wants to enter their room and in the case of any doubt, they shall contact the accommodation establishment owner immediately. Before leaving the accommodation establishment, every guest must close all windows and doors properly. 

General provisions

1. Interior appliances and furniture inside guest rooms and common areas cannot be moved without the permission of the chalet staff. The same applies to any changes to the equipment, furniture, electricity network and other installation.

2. It is not allowed to use personal portable electric and gas appliances in the chalet, especially in guest rooms. This does not apply to electric appliances that are part of the chalet interior equipment and portable electric appliances such as razors, hairdryers and chargers of ordinary electric appliances etc.

3. In the case of fire, all guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the authorised staff (based on the fire evacuation plan) or the incident commander if the fire brigade is present.

4. It is not allowed to leave children up to 12 years unattended (i.e. not accompanied by an adult person) in the chalet due to safety reasons. The adult who is staying with the child at the chalet and is responsible for it based on the applicable legislation shall be liable for any damage caused.

5. Only items arranged with the chalet owner can be stored in rooms.

6. Smoking is allowed only in designated spaces on outdoor terraces. The whole chalet interior is a non-smoking area.

7. If any guest gets ill or injured, the accommodation establishment shall call medical help or arrange transport to a hospital.

8. Dogs and other pets can stay at the chalet only if allowed by the accommodation facility. There are extra charges for pets.

9. Before leaving their room, every guest is obliged to close all windows, also upstairs, close all water taps, switch off all lights in the room and adjacent areas, turn off all electric appliances in the room, close the entrance door properly and give the room key to the chalet staff.

10. The fine for a lost key + lock cylinder change is EUR 50. Any lock damage must be reimbursed on site or fixed. If any damage is not fixed in time and the next guest who has booked the same room cannot enter the room, the guest who has caused the damage must pay the full price of the next booking plus other related costs.

11. Any defects must be reported to the chalet staff or the chalet owner immediately.

12. The car park is free of charge and not guarded. The accommodation establishment is not liable for any car theft or damage. Please don’t leave personal belongings on display in your car.

13. Guests’ complaints or other observations and suggestions shall be dealt with based on the applicable complaints policy.

14. All guests and the accommodation establishment are obliged to respect these accommodation rules which are binding for both parties in their entirety. If any guest violates any provision of these accommodation rules, the management of the accommodation establishment is entitled to terminate the respective accommodation agreement before the scheduled check-out date. The guest is not entitled to be refunded in such case.

15. Emergency phone numbers:

Police: 158

Emergency medical service: 155

Fire and rescue service: 150

Integrated rescue system: 112

16. Complaints policy

Customers’ right to complain 

If any client of the accommodation establishment is offered services of lower quality or of a lower scope than arranged before or than usually, they are entitled to make a complaint.

17. Complaint procedure

If any client discovers a reason for filing a complaint, they are obliged to exercise their right to complain without undue delay and contact the staff in the establishment where the defective service has been offered. To make the complaint procedure as smooth and fast as possible, the client shall present documents related to the defective service (order copy, invoice etc.) it applicable. When filing a complaint, clients should also show the respective product the complaint is related to if that is possible. The facility manager or another authorised member of the staff shall decide (immediately or within an arranged period) how the complaint shall be dealt with. 

Rectifiable defects

In the field of accommodation services, every client is entitled to have defects rectified free of charge, properly and as soon as possible, i.e. small items shall be replaced or added in accordance with Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic No. 125/1995 Coll.

Non-rectifiable defects

If technical defects cannot be rectified (heating system malfunction, low hot water outflow etc.) and the accommodation establishment cannot offer an alternative solution to the respective client and the client has to stay in the defective room, the client is entitled to get an adequate discount on accommodation

Every client is obliged to be personally present when their complaints are being resolved and to provide objective information about the defective service. If required, the client must allow the accommodation establishment staff to enter their room and to check if the complaint is justified.

18. Booking via the platform

Reservations made via the platform are governed by the terms and conditions of (the same applies to payments made by the platform and their payment policy).

For the terms of, please click: here

Every legal entity or natural person who books via the platform declares that they agree to their terms and conditions and understand that in the case of any cancellation of booking made via, the Ritterstein, s.r.o. company, i.e. the operator of the accommodation establishment will act in accordance with the terms and conditions of the platform.

Final provisions

These accommodation rules and complaints policy become effective on 1.1.2018.